Strap length: 7 inches thin elastic for ear comfort
Width: 7 Inches
Length: 6 Inches
Strings: 100% elastic
Mask not MEDICAL GRADE approved
Fabric: %100 cotton base / polyurethane face, (Good for Rainy days)
Tightly woven filter pocket fabric
10% polyester / 90% cotton

  1. Layer: Cotton/ polyester blend
  2. Muslin fabric: loose woven fabric for easy breathing & air circulation.
  3. Pocket/ polyester & cotton fabric: tightly woven to block small particles.

Key to details
Synthetic materials such polyester and cotton blends
Repeal moisture & droplets.

Why are the masks inexpensive?
While most companies sell reusable mask for an average price of 9.99-
15.99. We consider our customers on a deeper level. Based on data research
From low income homes due to the pandemic, we care.

World health organization video (mask safety) video:

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Washing instructions
• Wash in hot water and soap and air dry until the next morning.